The Armenian genocide

The Armenian genocide began on April 24, 1915, with the murder of 600 Armenian notables in Istanbul. By 1923, “1.1 to 1.8 million [had been] killed out of about 2.5 million Armenians alive in the Ottoman lands at the onset of the slaughter in 1915”.
Dead people with Turkish soldiers
The issue remains highly sensitive in Turkey to this day, where the accusation of genocide is met with fierce denials. According to an October 2007 Guardian article, listed below:

The genocide label is a sensitive issue in Turkey, which has long claimed that mass killings, plus famine and disease, were part of the civil upheavals accompanying the collapse of the Ottoman empire. Armenians and most western historians believe the events of 1915 were state-sponsored genocide. Estimates of the death toll range up to 1.5 million people.

As of November 2007, both the US and Israel continue to deny that what occurred in Turkey deserves the label “genocide”.

According to Robert Fisk of The Independent, the Turkish Interior Minister, Talaat Pasha, sent these instructions on 15 September 1915 to his prefect in Aleppo, detailing how that official should deal with the thousands of Armenians living there: “You have already been informed that the government … has decided to destroy completely all the indicated persons living in Turkey…. Their existence must be terminated, however tragic the measures taken may be, and no regard must be paid to either age or sex, or to any scruples of conscience.”

In an interview published August 1, 1926, Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the modern secular Turkish republic, seemed to acknowledge these events as genocide, speaking in an interview with the Los Angeles Examiner:
New York Times headline on genocide

These left_overs from the former Young Turk Party, who should have been made to account for the lives of millions of our Christian subjects who were ruthlessly driven en masse, from their homes and massacred, have been restive under the republican rule. They have hitherto lived on plunder, robbery and bribery and become inimical to any idea, or suggestion to enlist in useful labor and earn their living by the honest sweat of their brow.

The victims

1.1. to 1.8 million Armenian Christians. Men were killed first; in fact, some refer to these events as “gendercide”

But this was not the first Armenian genocide.

The perpetrators

Turkish soldiers and civilians, and Kurdish tribespeople, in a process initiated by Enver Pasha, Cemal Pasha, and Talat Pasha, the leaders of the Central Committee of the “Young Turk” government, who planned systematic extermination and expulsion of Turkish Armenians.


Gendercide Watch: The Armenian genocide


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2 Responses to The Armenian genocide

  1. Dreaded209 says:

    I find it beyond ridiculous to believe this hasn’t ben acknowledged by the so called “super powers”. The UK, USA and Israel are the few who still deny the events to this day -OFFICIALLY…

    yet have acknowledged them on many occasions by way of personal mail, subtle statement (carefully worded-to avoid the actual “G” word.

    when will people realise that if this goes un acknowledged, then these types of events will continue.

    There is such an uproar over holocaust deniers, yet this goes unknown to so many and isn’t taught in schools.

    My grandfather was a Polish Guerrilla who took out Nazi convoys while hiding in the woods of poland/belaruss…and his wife and mother in law were in the camps, so I grew up hearing these tales. I KNOW this was real as do the few descendants of the Armenian Genocide survivors, I can only begin to imagine their anger at this situation.

    The holocaust itself may even be a repercussion of the denail of what happened…

    For instance, when questioned by an aide about his policy of Jewish genocide, Hitler said: “Who after all now remembers the annihilation of the Armenians?”

    I mean really, the domino effect is real and can have horrific consequences.

    Please ask more questions and present a fair point about, even the possibility (there is photographic evidence also) to anyone you care enough about to tell.

    With the atrocities going on in the African states now, we can see this is only going to escalate.

    The Ottoman empire is long dead, this is not about the Turkish People, who seem in general to be fine people.

    This is about yet another bit ommitance and misinformation left in the history books, will we even know what world was here beofre us in the next 50-100 years?…

    ..the further question is, do we know our true history now?

    after all, a wise man once said “history is written by the Winners”.

    Thanks for reading

  2. Micah Ohanian says:

    Actually the genocide also took over Armenian Land including most of Turkey and Azerbaijan

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