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I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Resolving problems with Airport Express (first generation)

I have a first generation Airport Express which has been unreliable for years, frequently dropping connections or failing to play despite being connected (green light on) to the network. I recently purchased a new ADSL-wifi router (D-Link 2740U) in the … Continue reading

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WD passport drive not visible or mounting

If you’re having problems with a WD Passport external hard drive for Mac failing to mount, or not being recognised or not being visible in Finder, it may be that you’re simply using too long a USB cable. The drive … Continue reading

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Airport Express not connecting to wifi network

I have an old 2004 Airport Express (802.11g I assume, not that the bastards ever label them clearly). I’ve been using it happily for remote sound for years, and was even happier when Apple finally made it possible for Airplay … Continue reading

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Buddhism and economics

A person of wisdom is not one who practices Buddhism apart from worldly affairs but, rather, one who thoroughly understands the principles by which the world is governed. – ‘The Kalpa of Decrease’, Writings of Nichiren Daishonin 1, p. 1121. Summary … Continue reading

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How to fight South African spam (uninvited bulk email)

Most (unsolicited bulk email) spam is commercial, but NGOs also offend. In my last NGO job, I was put in a very nasty situation by my then boss, who pressured me to add all our contacts to our mailing lists, … Continue reading

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A care plan for living with bipolar depression – how you can help

A few years ago, a dear friend asked me to please write down for her exactly how she could help me when I’m depressed. I had to write it when I was well, of course, couldn’t think this clearly when … Continue reading

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Notes on bipolar depression

I have written at length, publicly, about my experience of bipolar II depression elsewhere, and as I seem now to be emerging from my latest bout (thanks, probably, to the antipsychotic drug sulpiride), it’s a good time to capture a … Continue reading

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