I’m a journalist living in the southern Cape peninsula, 25km and 40 minutes from Cape Town.

My professional site – writing and journalism, and some poetry – is here. Though, it must be said, the personal and professional do keep re-entangling themselves.

I would just love to be writing a fluffy blog about sex, or books, or clothes. I’m glad others do – they help keep me sane. Unfortunately, I live on a very small and fragile planet called Earth, and the management is a bit out to lunch, so I feel kinda compelled to write very earnest stuff about that most of the time.

Sometimes I wish I did not have a list of genocides on the site. It weighs very heavy. But it pulls more traffic than anything else I’ve posted, a regular 10-20 visitors a day. And so I keep it, not for the hits, but because people obviously want to know.

There’s a list of some of my favourite posts here.

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  1. hoh says:

    >A good blog has a single focus, readers and is regularly updated. So this probably isn’t a good blog.<

    no no no!
    this is a fabulous blog
    its filled with wonderful things!
    and it beautifully laid out
    where is the ant poem
    how about putting the search widget somewhere 🙂

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