SA maize production down 30% by 2030?

changes in crop yields by 2030 relative 98 00 copenhagen colleen vogel 2

Okay, I hadn’t previously looked very closely at the 12 tightly packed graphs on page 23 of the Copenhagen Synthesis Report, indicating anticipated changes in food production across the world.

But now that I have — that pink bar indicating the likely range of decline for maize production in Southern Africa is one of the most conspicuous. (Another is in East Africa, where they are likely to see a 30% INCREASE in barley yields. But that dramatic shift is indicated as being less important for hunger.)

The colours, by the way, indicate the importance of the change for hunger, with pink indicating greater importance.

In other words, according to the latest science, we in Southern Africa can expect a 30% decline in maize yields over the next 20 years. And wheat – down 15%. Seen that in any headlines?

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I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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2 Responses to SA maize production down 30% by 2030?

  1. Jo-Anne Smetherham says:

    David, where are YOU making headlines with this info, then? I hope you do, because if you don’t I want to … please let me know!

    • Well, I mentioned it here:

      But you’re right: it certainly does deserve a headline of its own. Please feel free. I am still too sick to do much besides labour through my most pressing commitments. The relevant section of the relevant report carries the name of Colleen Vogel of Wits, colleen.vogel (atat) She might be a good starting point.

      By the way, next week, will be addressing your (erstwhile) colleagues at the CTimes on the subject.

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