Not enough days in the meek

Not enough days in the meek

Madiba at the unveiling of his statue in Parliament Square, London

The swift passage of ideals? Madiba at the unveiling of his statue in Parliament Square, London, 2007

!Freedom Day!
National Women’s Day.
Heritage Day.
Worker’s Day.
Youth Day.
Day of Goodwill.
Day of Reconciliation.
Human Rights Day.
Day of Truth and Reconciliation.
Day of Audited Goodwill.
Gays and Lesbians Day.
Workers with Children in University Day.
Gays and Lesbians Acknowledged by their Parents Day.
Heritage of Good Manners Day.
Day of CEOs Trading Down Their 4x4s For Workers’ Children With Chronic Illness.
Day of Not Screwing our Children’s Heritage with Carbon Emissions.
Day of Youth Being Educated to be Something More than Call Centre Operators.
National Book Day.
National Food Security Day.
National HIV Testing Day.
Day of Golf Estates Become Villages.
Rural Women’s Day.
Day of No Human Right to Screw the Planet.
National Two-second Following Distance Day.
Real Land Redistribution Day.
National Switch Off Television Day.
Children’s Day.
Pay Parking Guards Lots More Than Two Rand Day.
National HIV Testing Availability Day.
Apartheid Army Basket Case Day.
Each One Teach a Teacher Day.
National Rape Survivors Day.
Day of Politicians Who Travel in Disused Golfcarts.
National 100% Literacy Day.
Day of Not Beating Your Farm Workers.
National Food Security Is Not A Padlock On The Wine Cellar Day.
National Two-second Following Distance You Fuckwit Day.
Pay Our Police and Teachers Properly Day.
National How Many Rape Survivors Did You Say Day.
Steve Biko Was Right Day.
Children Without Seatbelts Become Small Projectiles Memorial Day.
National Book Club Day.
Day of Remembering Apartheid What Was That Again?
National Thank a Zimbabwean Teacher Day.
Crime is a Function of Disrespect, Injustice and Inequality Day.
Entire Country Takes Three Days to Build Houses Day, Day One.
Everyone Pick Up Litter Day.
National No Career Politicians Day.
National Kitchen Gardens Day.
National Hush I’m Trying To Read Day.
Stompies Are Litter Too Day.
Every Rural Woman Gets A Week In Mauritius As Arms Deal Offset Day.
National Actually Make Prophylaxis Available To All Rape Survivors Day.
National Switch Off Television Again Day.
Prisoners Day.
Litter-Free Country Day of Celebration.
Entire Country Takes Three Days to Build Houses Day, Day Two.
National Day of Not Spending Years In Jail Before No Conviction.
Arbor Day.
Pay More Tax For A Decent National Health System Day.
National Universities of Crime Demolition Day.
National Day of Contrition for Not Putting Xenophobia Survivors Into Hotels As We Would Have White Refugees.
Day of Entire Country Would Have Taken Another Day to Build Houses But Now No Need.
National Fuck Arbor Let’s Panic and Plant A Shitload of Trees Before This Planet Overheats Day.
Donate Testicles to Parliamentarians Day.
National TV Presenter Re-Training Day.
Transsexual Foreign Convicts Day.
Day of National Day Recovery.

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I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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One Response to Not enough days in the meek

  1. Spicegirl says:

    Yes but on only one of those days can you relax with a braai and know that is ALL that is required from you – so make National Heritage Day/Braaiday – 24 September your day of National Day Recovery

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