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Odette just wrote to me, saying she’d visited this blog hoping to find out what I’ve been up to – and of course, all she found was excessively serious stuff about prison privatisation and genocide. Though she was too polite to mention this.

Bloody hell. Lighten up, me.

Okay, so I’m in London, staying with my brother Michael, his partner Penny, and their eight-month-old son, Darwin. I’ve got lots of editing work at present – a book on HIV and society, an academic journal, and a book of corporate public masturbation; so this is not a holiday, I’m working pretty hard. I’m also hoping to make some contacts while I’m here, and try to reconnect with some old contacts.

Michael has also roped me into assisting with renovating the front of the house, so today I spent lots of time clinging to old windows with my fingernails, while chipping away old paint.

I’m also reconnecting with a multitude of old friends, mostly Buddhist, from my previous stint in London. Friday I went to a concert at the Barbican with Giuliana and Alessandra, yesterday I saw James, Veronica and Ali at a Hiroshima Day event at the Buddhist centre in South London. A couple of weeks ago, just after returning from Devon, I went on a two-day men’s Buddhist course at the Buddhist centre in central London near Russell Square. Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to the Royal Academy with my old Buddhist group leader Michael Farrier, and then meeting up with Ali near Green Park for some catching up.

The video I shot of a tornado in Devon has now been viewed over 9,000 times on YouTube. (Many of the comments rip off Michael and me for saying ‘bloody hell’ so often!)

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I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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