Are “the rich” a discrete and separate category?

Until the nouveau-ancien regime has been overthrown, and Lamy and Zoellick and their kind are (metaphorically) swinging from the lampposts, the rich, like the aristocrats of France, will devise ever more inventive means of dispossessing the poor (writes George Monbiot

But to what extent are “the rich” consciously devising these strategies of dispossession? Are we, the comparatively wealthy middle classes of the world, wherever we are, not “the rich”? Do we consciously create the strategies of dispossession, are they consciously created on our behalf, or are these “means” perhaps not simply larger scale effects of our behaviour that we find it difficult to perceive? I raise the point not out of defeatism, but with a sense perhaps that arguments that define neat categories of those who are responsible for certain problems, possibly ignore our own connections to those categories.

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I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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