Guerilla diplomacy for the people?

Dan Plesch: “We need a new strategy to renew the international institutions’ credibility. We need, in the Pentagon’s language, a strategic counterattack, to reinforce the UN and bring democracy to the secret international bureaucracies that decide our fate.
“This strategy may be simpler than we imagine. Our national representatives to international bodies should be directly elected at the general election. In addition to electing one MP, we should elect the nation’s representatives to the UN, the EU and the WTO. We should start with these most important bodies and then look at including others such as Nato and the negotiations on climate change.”
Dan Plesch proposes replacing the diplomats representing nations in multilateral bodies with politicians — people more directly answerable to the electorate. It’s by no means the only reform of the links between ordinary people and international bodies that is needed — but it is a start in making those bodies more accountable.

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