Dyke attacks US media concentration

MediaGuardian.co.uk | Dyke strikes out at US media:
“Many of the large television news organisations in the States are no longer profitable or confident of their future. The effect of this fragmentation is to make government – the White House and the Pentagon – all-powerful, with no news operation strong enough or brave enough to stand up against it.”
No doubt we completely under-estimate the extent to which the nature of the media allowed the war in Iraq to happen. The BBC was as much part of that process as Fox or Clear Channel.
Meanwhile, The Telegraph reports an apparently cheap jibe from Dyke against al-Jazeera, made at a lecture at Goldsmith’s College in London: ‘The BBC had chosen not to show some harrowing footage of the bombing in Baghdad, he said. Unlike other broadcasters – “particularly that al-Qa’eda [titters from audience] … oh, what’s it called? … yes, al Jazeera.”‘

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