Einstein and peace

Albert Einstein: “Men should continue to fight, but they should fight for things worthwhile, not for imaginary geographical lines, racial prejudices and private greed draped in the colors of patriotism. Their arms should be weapons of the spirit, not shrapnel and tanks.”
“Our schoolbooks glorify war and conceal its horrors. They indoctrinate children with hatred. I would teach peace rather than war, love rather than hate.”
“I am not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist. . . . Every war merely enlarges the chain of vicious circles which impedes the progress of mankind. . . . We must begin to inoculate our children against militarism by educating them in the spirit of pacifism.”
Genius of Science, Genius of Peace by Colman McCarthy

About David

I am an environmental writer, journalist and speaker living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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  1. fioricet says:

    Our ancestor, Assur-nasir-apli, who was known as the cruelest of the cruel,
    seized the throne by slaying his own father and starting the reign of the
    sword. His conquests included the Ururnia Lake region. which led him to
    Commagene and Khabur. His son received tribute from the Shuites, from Tyre,
    Sidon, Gebel and even from Jehu, son of Omri whose very name struck terror
    into thousands. The conquests which began with Assur-nasirapli carried arms
    into Media and later into Israel, Damascus, Edom, Arpad, Babylon and Umlias.
    Does anyone remember these names and places now? I have given you enough clues:
    Try to name the planet.
    — The Stolen Journals

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