An actor calls on the press to act

Yes! Why should journalists in govt press conferences always behave like dumb packs, never pushing their feeders to proper responses? Actually, recently in Spain, they didn’t: Spanish journalists stood in silence, refusing to ask Jack Straw questions after one of their colleagues had been killed in Iraq. Of course, this incident didn’t make it onto UK TV.
“The next White House correspondent to be called on by Ari Fleischer should defer their question to the back of the room, to the banished journalist du jour. (Applause.) And any instance of intimidation to free speech should be battled against. Any acquiescence or intimidation at this point will only lead to more intimidation. You have, whether you like it or not, an awesome responsibility and an awesome power: the fate of discourse, the health of this republic is in your hands, whether you write on the left or the right. This is your time, and the destiny you have chosen.”
Transcript of Tim Robbins Speech to the National Press Club

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